AdBrite Launches Program To Bolster Ad/Publisher Symbiosis


rocket1.jpgADOTAS — Internet ad marketplace AdBrite announced today the official launch of its Network Partnership program. Several interactive ad networks are already participating – including and CPX Interactive.

The partnership program enables ad networks to supply advertising and Web site inventory directly to the AdBrite Marketplace, enhancing advertiser/publisher symbiosis. The program has a full range of ad formats, targeting capabilities and site-level transparency, the company said.

Partners pay auction-determined prices for advertising, while those bringing sites into the network participate in a revenue-sharing deal with AdBrite.

“From our early memberships in the industry’s largest exchanges, to our enthusiastic support of AdBrite’s Network Partnership Program, CPX Interactive continues to embrace advances that forward the openness and efficiency of the online display advertising space. AdBrite’s open marketplace platform provides a great way for ad networks to work together to improve overall efficiency,” said David Zapletal, executive vice president of Network & Exchange Relations at CPX Interactive.

AdBrite is the fourth-largest ad network according to comScore. It serves about 1 billion pages a day.


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