AdBrite Extends Reach – Second Only to Google


bullseye.jpgADOTAS — Online advertising marketplace AdBrite announced today that more than 50,000 Web sites are active in its network – making it second only to Google among ad providers in number of sites.

AdBrite has subtly shifted its focus recently, putting larger sites in its crosshairs. “We’ve expanded from our roots as a self-serve tool for small pubs to serve a diverse set of sites, including some of the biggest premium publishers,” said Paul Levine, VP of marketing at AdBrite in an e-mail. “This scale – across large and small sites – is significant in that it allows advertisers to reach their target users across a wide variety of geographies, demographics, behaviors and contexts.”

AdBrite now serves eight of the 20 largest U.S. online properties. The network has mushroomed in the past 18 months, providing ads to 50,000 sites in February of this year, compared to 20,000 in September of 2006. According to comScore, AdBrite is the fourth-largest ad network by pages viewed.

Part of AdBrite’s swift growth has been attributed to its horizontal ad platform. “We offer text, banner, full-page ads and other innovative products like BritePic and InVideo,” Levine said. “We launched banners about a year-and-a-half ago and they’ve become our biggest movers from a revenue perspective.”

Clients also go to AdBrite for its high levels of transparency. “So many other networks are blind,” Levine said. “That’s because a lot of publishers don’t want to disclose who they’re working with. But our clients care where they run and where their positioned on the page. Brand advertisers like that we offer a suite of products that they can pick and choose from – and they can see, in a line item by line item fashion, where they’re running and how often. It helps them optimize and manage their campaigns on a site-by-site basis.”

By expanding its strength as a self-serve publisher marketplace to partner with large sites and specialty content sites, advertisers can target millions of unique visitors per month. New clients include General Motors, Sony BMG, Verizon and Live Nation.

“AdBrite helped SONY BMG deliver our artists’ products to targeted audiences across a large, diverse set of high-quality sites,” said Kyle Sherwin, VP of media at SONY BMG.  “AdBrite’s mix of ad products and transparent marketplace model have made for several successful campaigns.  In addition to providing great results, AdBrite offers terrific client service.”


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