Survey: 40% of “Double Dippers” Go Online To Find Products Advertised on TV


tv.jpgADOTAS — Most consumers are media multitaskers, double-dippers, typers or talkers – and how they approach media significantly affects how they interact with advertising.

Video search engine giant blinkx today released the results of a television and online video survey that studied consumers’ viewing habits. Harris Interactive conducted the survey, which was designed to find the interplay between television and Internet habits.

About 78% of consumers are defined as media multitaskers – people who go online while watching TV, and more than a third of that segment say they do so always or often.

So-called double dippers are defined as adults who surf the Web while watching television. About 40% of double dippers look for products or services online that appeared in or were advertised during the program they’re watching.

One generational consistency revealed in the survey is the difference between a “talker” and a “typer.” In general, the older the individual, the more likely that person is to discuss TV content with other individuals in person. Sixty percent of people who routinely respond to TV content via face-to-face conversations were in the 35-44 age group. Correspondingly, individuals aged 16-24 are most likely to interact with others online (17%) or read coverage or reviews of TV content online (24%).

“Similar to double-dipper behavior,” said Suranga Chandratillake, founder and CEO of blinkx, “it’s not necessarily a question of either/or. Some individuals enjoy the act of face-to-face conversation about television content; others interact heavily online and value the sounding board provided by the Web community. The fact that ‘typers’ skew younger is an indicator to the advertising community as to how and when to allocate online spend as an adjunct to TV viewership.”


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