Reprise Media’s 4th Annual Scorecard Unveiled


fantasy_football_small.jpgThe game is over. However, it wasn’t until today that advertisers were aware of who came out on top. Reprise Media has released its 4th annual Search Marketing Scorecard (SMS), ranking Super Bowl advertisers based on the level of integration between their television commercials and presence in search and social media to bring an awareness of which brands did the best job in creating not only a good offline campaign, but also a great online campaign for one of the biggest advertising opportunities of the year.

This year, Pepsi topped the charts as the MVP of advertisers. Direct marketers such as and have continued to have a strong presence in search and social media and completing the group of winning advertisers were Tide, T-Mobile and according to the study.

As for those less fortunate, joining the Patriots today in a somber moment are Disney, Hershey’s and Zantac had almost no tie-ins online with their offline campaigns.

Some of the observations included in the report showed that besides Pepsi, many of the advertisers of non-alcoholic beverages consistently failed to integrate a call to action or a URL in their television spots.

About 70% (a 20% increase over last year) of advertisers bought placement in paid search against their brand name, bringing heightened awareness to the relevancy of online efforts. However, only 6% of ads gave a call to action in their commercials and less than 10% have integrated the tagline or mascot into their paid search terms.

Peter Hershberg, Managing Partner of Reprise Media stated “In an increasingly fragmented media world, the Super Bowl represents the last of the true mass-marketing opportunities available to advertisers. As we’ve seen throughout the past four years of our study, the buzz created by an audience that large can cause huge spikes in online behavior. Marketers that overlook search and social media are potentially missing out on a huge opportunity to engage with interested consumers during the game.”


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