Nintendo To Unfurl Online Service in May


gamer11.jpgGamers have two reasons to rejoice: Nintendo Co. is launching a new Wii Fit product and an online service called WiiWare in May, according to reports.

The Wii Fit game will have a weight-and-motion sensing device called the Wii Balance Board, the better to battle one’s bulge with.
WiiWare will allow game publishers to directly distribute new games online instead of on discs. Newsweek scored an exclusive with David Braben, the founder of Frontier Developments and Tom Prata, director of product development for Nintendo of America, who discuss the WiiWare launch, scheduled for May 12.

Braben described his WiiWare project, LostWinds, thusly: “[I] t’s about the idea of a wind spirit that has been hidden away by a nasty guy called Balasar.”

Prata explains how Nintendo sidestepped any file-size restriction snafus: “As it relates to file sizes, we are encouraging developers to make a game that is more compact in nature, and not have to let’s say compete on — as it relates to the very large volumes — filing up maybe lots of disk space like you would see in a conventional retail type of product. The reason for that is that we want the WiiWare development to be more cost effective and have low barriers to entry to allow the content creators to create with that type of risk.”

Nintendo is not divulging pricing details on WiiWare but the company does say it will use the Virtual Console pricing model as a guideline.


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