New Life Given To Social Site For Seniors


oldguy2.jpgEons, Inc., is injecting new life into its sagging social network for boomers, the company announced today. The company’s credo: “Get Ready to BOOM Your Life!”

When Eons launched in July 2006, promising to celebrate “life on the flip side,” it pledged to offer adults ages 50 and older content and experts and didn’t emphasize community and social networking.

Eons got off to a shaky start despite its $32 million in funding and solid leadership in founder and CEO Jeff Taylor – also’s founder. A flurry of negative reviews poured in

It lay off about one-third of its 72 staffers in September of 2007 and dropped the minimum age requirement to join from 50 to 13 in late January. Now Taylor, 45, can join.

But with 700,000 vocal members, Eons has decided to push forward and refocus its mission to appease its current subscribers and add more. The site was redesigned and the much maligned death updates have been nixed. 

“We are following our members who have told us loud and clear that what they really want is a community that lets them stay in touch with their friends, rekindle old relationships, and create new connections with like-minded adults who share their passions and experiences,” said Eons Founder and CEO Jeff Taylor. “Our new design and functionality reflects the deep knowledge base we’ve developed over the past 18 months. We are delivering community features that matter to our members in a way that we know works best for the boomer audience.”

Now boomers can build profiles and join the 3,100 plus groups tailored to their interests — from gardening to politics.


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