MySpace Spices Up It’s TV With TMZ


hugtv.jpgThis week, MySpace and TMZ announced that the two sites are set to launch a branded channel on the social network’s TV page.

TMZ will reportedly provide two to three clips a week to MySpace TV which have been previously screened on the celebrity news site’s TV program as well according to Reuters. TMZ will also provide MySpace with up to 15 clips a week that are not exclusive.

The gossip site launched on AOL in December of 2005 and has quickly become a top trafficked site with almost 11 million unique visitors last month alone, the report continues.

MySpace TV has branded channels from the New York Times, National Geographic and the BBC as well as other. The site launched a celebrity channel last month with Getty Images and People Magazine providing content. The addition of TMZ clips to the site, whose main demographic is the same as the new addition, will only improve the strength of MySpace TV in its effort to compete with YouTube.


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