mobilePeople Launches Liquid Advertising Suite


googlecell1.jpgADOTAS – mobilePeople, a local mobile search provider in the U.K. has announced the introduction of its liquid Advertising Suite. The solutions offers contextually and geographically targeted mobile advertising. The liquid Advertising Suite includes the liquid Ad Server, the liquid Adsite Builder and liquid SMS Links. This is integrated with the mobilePeople liquid Mobile Search Platform, currently launched in 12 markets globally. Mobile search advertising is anticipated to grow from $1.4 billion in 2006 to $2.9 billion by 2011.

The new Ad Suite can target advertisements based on time, keyword, category or location. User behavior is also factored into targeting data.

CEO and co-founder of mobile People Jens Andersen said in the statement that “We have developed and tested local mobile advertising products that are highly relevant to Local Advertisers and Directory Publishers and based on our experience with both users and advertisers the solution is ready for global rollout.”

The integrated mobile search and advertising solution offers directory publishers and advertisers priority products, sponsored links, banner and map advertisements, mobile adsites and click to call reporting.


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