Mobile Realizes Risk Factor In Open Software


adotas_small_011.jpgADOTAS – New risks are becoming apparent to the mobile industry as open software platforms, including Google’s Android are impending and will soon become widely adopted.

Viruses have had the ability to disable phones and inflate phone bills since 2004, according to Reuters. This has led to a new security technology market.

Mikko Hypponen, head of research at security software firm F-Secure said to Reuters that “If Android becomes a fully open platform … and when such a platform becomes more common, risks are greater than with the current platform kings such as Symbian.”

There is also concern over Apple’s planned open platform and security issues arising from this development.

Even though the risk of an infiltrated cell phone is low, thousands of phone users have reported issues. Hypponen continued to say “Although the first problems were already quite extensive and appeared all over the world, current smartphones from the largest device makers, particularly Nokia, have got rid of these problems.”

McAfee conducted a survey of 2,000 cell phone users that showed three out of four mobile users were concerned about mobile service safety.

It is reported that since the first mobile virus surfaced in 2004, viruses, worms and other malware is at a total of 395 according to F-Secure.


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