Microsoft’s Knook To Go To Vodafone


cellphonefuture.jpgADOTAS – Vodafone Group PLC announced that it has named one of Microsoft’s top executives as its head of the newly formed online-services division for the firm.

Pieter Knook will join the mobile-phone operator in March. Knook is the former SVP of Microsoft’s mobile-communications business, reports

He will be head of Vodafone’s initiative into mobile online services. Knook will be in charge of increasing revenue within Vodafone’s “Mobile Plus” strategy, which is anticipated to earn the company an additional 10% of group revenue by 2010, the report continues.

Vodafone Global CMO Frank Rovekamp stated “Pieter is joining us to help transform the customer experience through the mobile Internet, meet growing customer demand for Web services accessed from mobile devices and drive revenues within our Mobile Plus strategy.”

Knook’s departure arrives at a time when many Microsoft executives are shuffling around and making exits.


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