Meebo Creates It’s Own Ad Network


sem13.jpgMeebo announced yesterday that it will be releasing APIs for Meebo Rooms that will allow sites to embed chat features automatically. Meebo Rooms can be embedded onto site or blogs manually. There are over 200,000 Meebo Rooms according to TechCrunch.

CEO of Meebo Seth Sternberg was quoted to explain that “Now, the servers of our partners can say, “I want to create a room.” It automates the creation process on server-to-server basis. Also, we will be putting advertising into these rooms.”

On top of this announcement, the company is releasing the Meebo Network, which will serve ads in the Meebo Rooms, splitting the revenue with sites that host the rooms. The ads will be targeted because of the each room is formed based on a common interest. Only rooms created through the API will show ads.

Piczo, RockYou, Social Project, Revision3 and Tagged are launch partners in the Meebo Network.


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