LinkShare Adds Kick to Publishing Dashboard


timeclock.jpgADOTAS — Don’t like to wait? Well, there’s good news for perpetually toe-tapping online advertisers today. Pay-per-action marketing network LinkShare today unveiled a new publisher dashboard that allows publishers to quickly manage their affiliate marketing programs.

“We now have a tool that makes it easier than ever for publishers to manage their affiliate marketing activities in what we think is the best interface in the industry,” said Stephen Denton, president of LinkShare. “Publishers will have easy access to information about advertiser programs, promotions and incentives. They can use this information to benchmark their current performance against the past, find new partners more easily, and improve their earnings success.”

In developing the new Publisher Dashboard, LinkShare surveyed its publisher customers and user-tested a number of interfaces and navigation schemes. The LinkShare global network is comprised of hundreds of thousands of publishers that span every kind of business looking to monetize their content, from large organizations and technically advanced startups to hobbyist bloggers. The Publisher Dashboard is designed to serve all of them effectively.


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