Liberty Mutual & Sapient Make Insurance Accessible To All


readingpaper.jpgA new site created by Liberty Mutual is yielding a large amount of acclaim for its ability to educate Generation X and Y about the value of renters insurance. With many awards pouring into the site, it is also being recognized as a finalist in the 2007 MITX awards. The site was designed and implemented by Sapient Interactive.

“ engages young professionals in an experiential learning environment about renters insurance – illustrating the value of coverage, and dispelling many misconceptions,” said Najla Frayha, a Liberty Mutual marketing manager. “This audience really identifies with the visually rich, informative and experience-driven site content to such an extent that they are much more likely than the average consumer to request a quote and make a purchase decision.”

The audience is engaged through the awareness of three common misconceptions of renters insurance: it is too expensive; a young person’s personal items are not worth insuring; and landlords will cover losses if something happens to the property.

The site also takes the simple, straightforward approach that appeals to predominantly visual learners who identify with graphics and motion over static text. Ultimately the site allows users to electively transition from the education phase to quote and purchase tools. Since its launch, about 45% of all visitors have entered the quote process.

Sapient’s creative director Brent Stewart stated “Insurance companies have not traditionally focused their marketing efforts on the young renters audience – a segment that demands a dynamic online experience without insurance product monologue. The design and functionality of this visual experience allows Liberty Mutual to connect with this burgeoning audience and offers a platform for educating visitors about the value of renters insurance.”


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