iBloks Rolls Out New Ad Widget So Video, IM Enthusiasts Can Share in Real Time


hispeed1.jpgADOTAS — iBloks today announced that is launching iBloks Video Messenger so consumers can IM and watch videos together – while logged onto Microsoft’s Windows Live Messenger. iBloks designed the advertising and consumer widget to connect video enthusiasts and IM customers – it essentially eliminates the unbearable delay e-mail users must contend with when sharing videos.

The widget will be launched with movie content courtesy of Fox Home Entertainment – and using the Windows Live services will significantly increase iBloks’ reach, the company says.

“Premiering iBloks Video Messenger widget that includes access to over 300,000,000 Windows Live Messenger consumers unleashes a powerful widget that enables our fans to easily IM each other and watch videos together. By making their lives more interesting and providing convenient access to amazing content from films like Alien Versus Predator Requiem we are delivering on our commitment to entertain and delight fans,” said John Cosley, Director of Digital Marketing at Fox Home Entertainment.

The widget can be deployed on a web page, as a video ad or as a gadget on sites like Google , FaceBook and other social network sites.


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