Google Health Raises Privacy Questions


medical_advice_small.jpgADOTAS – Google announced today the unveiling of Google Health, a password-protected online service that archives health records with medical services directories that allows users to import drug history, text results, and doctors’ records. The search engine giant has signed deals with hospitals and companies including Quest Diagnostics Inc, Walgreens, Walmart and Aetna Inc. according to Reuters.

The company claims that this platform is aimed at keeping the control in the hands of the patients. Users will be able to schedule appointments and refill examples.

Google CEO Eric Schmidt said “We don’t know how to suck it out of the brains of doctors, but we know how to suck it out of the computer systems of doctors,” quotes Reuters.

Schmidt continued to say “The information in your health record is yours and it doesn’t get shared with anyone else without your permission.”

A large concern over the new service is the privacy issue. Where there are standards that cover medical providers, there is not a set standard for privacy, security and data usage on electronic health records.

Although Google is assuring the public that all possible security measures would be taken, the outcome of a breach in the secure files would be unfathomable.



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