GoFish Adds WeeWorld To The Family


lego.jpgADOTAS – GoFish Corporation announced today announced the addition of WeeWorld, an avatar-based social network, to its newly-launched youth-focused online media and entertainment network. WeeWorld has over 21 million WeeMees, the youth avatars that have been created worldwide. This increases domestic reach of the GoFish Network to 18.2 million unique users.

WeeWorld allows young adults and teens to create their own WeeMee avatar that expresses their personal style and passions through the features for their so-called “mini-me”. WeeMees can also be created on AIM, Skype and Windows Live Messenger.

VP of publisher development and marketing programs at GoFish David Fisch stated “The average visitor to WeeWorld spends ten minutes per visit; 43% greater than the average of 7 minutes per visit on teen community sites. WeeMees offer youth a unique form of self expression that is engaging and advertiser-friendly. GoFish is focused on connecting brands to the ‘engaged generation’, kids age 6 to 17, through innovative advertising and emerging media experiences and WeeWorld is a great addition to our Network.”


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