EveryZing Launches Search, SEO Products


performance_landscape_small.jpgADOTAS — EveryZing today announced the launch of two new products, ezSEO and ezSEARCH, helping to establish it as a solution provider for search and search engine optimization technologies. EveryZing hopes to help media companies capitalize on their offline success by creating high-quality online channels to build consumer interaction.

Integrating search results across audio, video, images and text, ezSEARCH offers media companies a “single search box” experience for their end users, driving enhanced user satisfaction and media consumption. Once the search results are blended into one index, ezSEO delivers search engine-friendly Web pages across thousands of topics, dramatically increasing the discoverability and placement of customers’ audio and video content across all of the major search engines. The products also require minimal effort on the customer’s part, as they are both deployed as hosted solutions and are quick and easy to set up and launch.

Clients include Entercom, Boston.com, Reuters and Dow Jones. “Sites like Entercom’s WEEI.com that have access to high-quality audio and video content are now able to fully leverage their multimedia assets to acquire more users, improve site engagement and increase online advertising revenue,” said Tom Wilde, CEO of EveryZing. “With the explosive growth of online audio and video, all major media companies are rushing to deploy their content to the Web. EveryZing allows them to plug all of their assets into the Web’s search ecosystem and build on the kind of success they have achieved offline with their high-quality content and powerful brands.”

EveryZing is a pioneer in next-generation universal search technology.


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