Coach Potatoes Surf Web, Not TV Channels — Market Accordingly


surfing-with-dory_small.jpgADOTAS — Want to take a break, kick back, chill out? Chances are, like most consumers, you’ll turn to the net, not the boob tube for a little down time.

IDC’s study of online behavior found that people spend about half of their weekly media time budget online: 32.7 hours on average. In contrast, consumers spend about 16.4 hours watching TV and a paltry 3.9 hours reading newspapers and magazines.

That’s a serious spike: just two years ago, JupiterResearch found that Internet users spent about 14 hours online, about the same time they spent watching TV. Savvy advertisers and marketers take heed!

One caveat: people are creatures of habit. The data shows that consumers tend to use the media they grew up with. The older the respondent, the more time they spent in front of the small screen or with papers.

So what do typical consumers do online anyway? Search engines are the most popular destinations (84%), while mapping services (83%), personal research (77%) and emailing (76%) are also strong favorites.

Capitalizing on consumer’s online habits is key. “The Internet is the most heavily used medium in the United States. Users spend almost twice as much time using the Internet as they do watching TV,” said Karsten Weide, IDC’s program director, Digital Media and Entertainment. “And we will see marketers move money out of broadcast TV and into Internet video advertising.”

IDC provides market intelligence, advisory services and event for technology, telecommunications and consumer technology markets.


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