Chitika Rolls Out Revenue-Pumping Online Ad Unit


money_tree.jpgADOTAS — Online branding and ad company Chitika today unleashed its Related Product Unit, a new online ad unit placed on Web sites to monetize site space that isn’t generating revenue.
The RPU recently went through beta testing – the feedback was positive with publishers especially ballyhooing its revenue-boosting potential. Chitika will now make its unit available to its entire network of more than 17,000 publishers.

The Chitika RPU is strategically placed below the text of a posting and above the “related links” section. Since no other advertising units are designed to capitalize on this site real estate, the revenues from the RPU are all incremental for the publisher. The customizable design of the unit ensures that it visually coheres with the themes of the publisher’s site. It is strategically designed to complement not cannibalize revenue streams from traditional programs, such as Google AdSense.

“While laser quality targeting is almost always a good thing, sometimes people might want to learn about similar products to the one they have been researching to make sure they are making an informed purchase,” said Tim Flight of “The Chitika RPU allows me to show information about other products the customer might want to research before making a purchasing decision. The RPU makes me more money, and offers my readers more choices.”

Chitika is an online ad network that focuses on the blogosphere and social networks.


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