Ad Pepper Honored For iSense Semantic Ad Technology


semantics2.jpgADOTAS – Ad pepper media announced recently that it has been selected as “Digital Innovator of the Year” for its iSense semantic advertising technology which helps deliver the correct message at the right time against the right online content.

The international online ad network beat out seven other products and original services to win the title after enduring a Q&A with judges and an audience of industry people who voted for the recipient.

iSense was represented at the event, held at the RSA in central London earlier this month. The company uses the patented Textonomy SenseEngine targeting technology to deliver relevant ads to the true context of web pages. The technology provides rapid semantic analysis of pages by studying every single word on the page and identifying the proper themes.

Advertisers can target display ads based on up to 2,700 categories. Clients are also protected from the misplacing of an ad alongside controversial content through the Textonomy SiteScreen.

Ad pepper managing director Brian O’Sullivan stated “We are delighted to receive such high-level industry recognition, which proves that semantically targeted advertising is the future. It means that marketers can deliver the right message at the right moment and to the right content, while upholding their reputation and trust with consumers. Any content on each and every page will be analyzed for its true contextual positioning rather than a random key word analysis which invariably results in inappropriate ads appearing on unrelated pages. The agencies and publishers with whom we work are realizing the potential of this brilliant technology.”


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