Who Clicked Britney?


With the latest events and happenings of the famed Britney Spears, we felt it would be appropriate to take a glimpse of how Miss Spears is impacting the web.


Love her or hate her, like most celebrities, America has a morbid fascination with the trials and tribulations of Britney Spears. Through the good times and the bad, while PR firms go mad, without seatbelts or hair, entering rehab or needing an au pair, Britney is still here. Now, say what you will about the Mousekateer gone… well, wild. The fact remains, the people want to know what exactly Britney is up to (or what she could possibly be thinking). So let’s take a trip down memory lane in the shoes of Britney Spears, as we look at her web traffic over the last year.

The quick take away from this graph is that a few big events managed to drive explosive search activity. I started to wonder – Was her VMA performance scandalous enough to get more “curiosity seekers” searching for pictures of her than the droves that came out to do so during her “no underwear” phase in December? Turns out that it was a really close battle but once again, celebrity nudity beats out even the worst performance.I also dug deeper into the actual terms driving these searches to examine the peaks and let’s just say there were a lot of reoccurring themes. But where are these 2 million people going after they search? I took 4 of the top 10 Britney terms over the last three months and used Search Analytics to find the top 5 domains visited after searching on these terms.
That is a lot of searchers about just one person, and – this may seem shocking – not many people were looking for her music. The term ‘Britney Spears Lyrics’ is the 19th most searched term and the word ‘music’ doesn’t show up until about the 208th. In fact out of the top 50 Britney Spears related search terms, only 8 are G-rated (2 of which are misspellings), 4 include ‘VMA,’ 4 are about her shaved head, 3 include Paris Hilton and the rest are… well, dirty. And that’s just the top 50.Andrew Pearlman writes a blog on Compete.com

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  1. Britney Spears is poor white trash. I mean look at her background. She really is from poor white trash. So why would anyone expect anything else from her. She is what she is. No hospital stay is going to cure that. Let her pop some pills like Ledger, and lets move on.

  2. I feel sorry for. Please don’t pop any more pills Brit. We love you. Thanks for the post. PS – how did you get the numbers to make the graph?


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