Unicast Creates Campaign For Cat-Lovers


mouseclick1.jpgUnicast, a division of Enliven Marketing Technologies, an online marketing technology company announced today the launch of a new rich media ad campaign for MARS Whiskas cast food brand. The company has leveraged its HD3D technology to create and deliver and interactive ad in which users may post and share their home videos showing the “Happiness with Whiskas” moments with their cats.

The ad connects users to a customized Whiskas site that features the “Happy Together” community for cat-lovers. “Once again, we are delivering on the promise that the Unicast Rich Media platform can drive better creative and more interactive engagement with customers than simple rich media,” said Patrick Vogt, CEO of Enliven Marketing Technologies. “This work allows us to showcase our PRM capabilities for brands that are aggressively pursuing the adoption of cutting edge digital marketing technologies in order to reach customers on the web in a more collaborative and meaningful way. The Whiskas HD3D campaign is just the start of our partnership, we plan to introduce additional PRM campaigns with other Master Food brands throughout the year.”


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