ToyBox 2.0 Launches

Inplace #2

girlglass.jpgePrize, an interactive promotions firm, announced today the launch of ToyBox 2.0, an interactive promotion technology. ToyBox 2.0 is proprietary software that automates all aspects of creating and running an interactive promotion. ToyBox 2.0 replaces and enhances the original ToyBox software developed by ePrize in 2002 which offers clients diverse promotion solutions.

Gerry Miller, COO at ePrize said “With the power of our world-class ToyBox 2.0 software, ePrize clients will benefit from several enhancements, including a smoother launch process, even higher quality rates and better results tailored to their specific marketing needs. The launch of ToyBox 2.0 represents the single-largest technology advancement in our company’s history. In addition to further distancing ourselves from the competitive pack, it will allow ePrize to provide clients a rock-solid platform for increasingly complex and sophisticated promotion applications.”

In the next year, ePrize will be offering ToyBox 2.0 to certified agencies, resellers and third-party developers on a software-as-a-service (SaaS) basis. The firm estimates 50% of its revenue will come from technology licensing within the next five years.”

Miller continued “In the same way Google, and Facebook created technology platforms on which millions of commercial transactions now reside; ToyBox 2.0 is the equivalent category-killer platform for the interactive promotion industry. Our goal is to become the ‘Intel Inside’ of the promotion industry. We have built a robust software application on which all interactive promotions can run.”
Matt Kates, VP of strategy for ePrize said “This innovative process streamlines promotion development, creating stable, effective, and reliable interactive promotions. While this advancement helps today with the roughly 200 concurrent promotions we are developing at any one time, it will be a key element in our success when ultimately running tens of thousands of simultaneous campaigns.”

Yankee Group estimates technology investments that promote online ad performance will more than double the online ad industry’s income from $21.7 billion to $50.3 billion in 2011.