PinPoint Launches Local Ad Agency Franchise


localadssmall.jpgPinPoint Local, Inc. has announced the launch of a Local Internet Advertising Agency franchise that specializes in local marketing solutions including Universal Business Profiles, Local Search, Email Marketing and Web Development amongst other things. PinPoint Local franchise is providing entrepreneurs with a turnkey Internet Marketing business that puts franchisees right in the middle of the online marketing industry.

Sales and business development experience is all a franchisee needs to grow their business. PinPoint Local provides franchisees with the training that is needed to turn the franchisee into an Online Consultant while PinPoint provides the search marketing, web development, email marketing and technology solutions.

According to Borrell Associates, Local Online Advertising should increase by 50% and become a nearly $13 billion industry by the end of next year. The Kelsey Group also predicts that global ad revenues for online Yellow pages and local search will increase to over $11 billion next year, the release states.

Adam Kaufman, president of PinPoint Local Inc. said “This is a monstrous opportunity for entrepreneurs to offer a 10 year proven internet program to local business owners. The PinPoint Local opportunity offers big agency muscle to local businesses, including websites, email, search and more.”


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