No Sex For MySpace


Social Network MySpace has come to an agreement with 49 states and the District of Columbia to add vast and aggressive measures to fight against the infestation of sexual predators and other malicious use of the site, reports the

The site will include online protections and take part in a working group to develop age-verification as well as other precautionary technologies which will be open to other social networks’ participation, the report continues.

The announcement was made today in New York City by attorney generals from New Jersey, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, New York, Connecticut and Ohio. The work by these officials is in an effort to prevent sexual predators from using these sites as a means to connect with children.

MySpace CSO Hemanshu Nigam stated in a press release that “We thank the Attorneys General for a thoughtful and conversation on Internet safety. This is an industry-wide challenge and we must all work together to create a safer Internet.”

Some of the measurements highlighted in the article that MySpace has agreed to include: making the default setting “private” for 16 and 17-year-old users to prevent unknown viewers; allowing parents to submit a child’s email addresses to MySpace to avoid the misuse of the addresses to set up profiles; and the creation of a high school section for users under 18 amongst other measures.

New York investigators claimed to have set up Facebook profiles as 12-14-year olds and found that they were soon contacted by users looking for sex.

A larger, multistate investigation, which was announced last year, is focused on creating preventative measures to remove pornography, and protect minors according to the report.


  1. I do not consider the proposed safety measures set by MySpace to be strong enough.

    In my opinion a safe social network would be a site that does not have a chat room, does not allow profanity and lewd or sexual comments – as well as racial slurs and other hate speech, pornographic material and protects the privacy of it’s members.
    I am not a tech nerd or a college student but a middle aged grandmother. For the past couple of years, I wanted to join a social network so I could share stuff with my friends and family. But I had been unable to find what I consider a “safe social network”. So, in September 2007, I created a safe social network called ( is a clean safe alternative to the prominent social networking sites. It has a word filter that prevents members from being exposed to profanity and lewd or sexual comments – as well as racial slurs and other hate speech. To further ensure that the site remains clear of offensive material and is safe for all ages, all pictures, video and audio clips go through an approval process – which takes places within 24 hours of submission – before they are posted. In addition, Our-Social discourages members from ever publicly displaying information such as their e-mail address and full name. As another safety precaution, Our-Social does not have a chat area but does provide a members-only forum. The forum is moderated and has several different threads under the main categories of Family, Health, Faith, Pets and Social Stuff.

    Members have their own account pages, which serve as personalized control panels, where users can manage all aspects of their account. Management activities include editing profiles, setting privacy levels for the account, creating or editing articles, checking mail, inviting friends to join, sending out friendship requests, a calendar and creating numerous picture, video and audio albums.

    The calendar is especially handy for anyone who would like to create a page for a group of people. With the calendar you can keep everyone in you group informed of any upcoming events.

  2. It seems logical to create online areas for adults separate from online areas for children. Whether it will stop children from hazing each other, lying about their ages, or from wanting to participate in an “adult” cyberworld I don’t know. Net anonymity, baser human desires in children, and the fact you don’t have to use 4-letter words to be sexually suggestive present unique challenges for helicopter parents and other guardians.


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