NAI Announces 2008 Behavioral Advertising Principles Initiative


geotarget1.jpgMembers of the Network Advertising Initiative, a trade association representing companies in the online behavioral advertising marketplace, today announced a 2008 initiative designed to update key attributes of the NAI Principles code of conduct that has governed members of the trade association since 2000.

“Online behavioral advertising continues to provide significant benefits to internet users by supporting an amazing array of free content and services,” said Trevor Hughes, Executive Director of the NAI. “At the same time, NAI members believe that revisions to the NAI Principles are appropriate in response to the explosive growth of the field, and changes to technology, business models, and practices in the marketplace.”

In addition to addressing the elements of the suggested “self-regulatory principles” released recently by the Federal Trade Commission, the NAI will target discussion on specific attributes of their 2000 Principles program, including:

—  Scope & enforcement
—  Sensitive consumer characteristics
—  Choice-enabling technologies
—  Consumer education
—  Standards for use of personally identifiable information
—  Membership outreach
Input from stakeholders will be sought on proposed amendments in the early months of 2008.

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