Interactive Marketing Survey Gives Insights


surveying.jpgSapient announced the results of its annual Interactive Marketing Survey this week, which is designed to understand how marketers are implementing and tracking campaigns, the challenges they face and how they plan to allocate marketing spend across channels in 2008.

The national survey uses the answers of 120 senior level respondents that are directly or indirectly responsible for managing digital marketing budget allocation across multiple channels.

This survey showed that marketers lack tools necessary to optimize their marketing efforts across the full spectrum of digital channels. Over half of the respondents felt “somewhat confident” or “not confident at all” in their capabilities to track campaigns across multiple channels in real-time. Only 19% reporting the ability to make campaign changes in less than 24 hours.

Findings included that marketers were most confident in their ability to track Email (32%) and Search (30%). About half of the respondents claimed they do not believe campaign data provided to them does not evenly measure and compare performance across all digital channels; with difficulty in comparing metrics across channels being the most common hurdle to accuracy(28%).

Marketers are increasingly concerned about the influx in acquisitions. 41% of respondents fear being lost in the shuffle with thousands of other clients as a result of consolidation in the online advertising industry.

Gaston Legorburu, Chief Creative Officer of Sapient stated “While marketers have developed an aptitude for tracking more traditional online channels, the emergence of social networking further complicates the interactive landscape. In 2008, marketers will seek the ability to seamlessly incorporate this medium with their other channels, including search and email, and the capability to monitor and measure performance to ensure they are achieving optimum results.”

Legorburu continued to say “In 2008, analytics will become the new black – the absolute, must-have essential for all marketing teams. Without an effective analytics tool that can measure and fine-tune all online marketing campaign channels, marketers will be left in the dark wondering if they actually reached potential buyers in the dynamic social networking world.


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