Google Maps Out Campaign ’08


google_polling_small.jpgWith all of the information coming in from the New Hampshire primary, it is difficult to get straight answers. That is until you go to Google Maps. The site gives a neutral depiction of what went down.

The maps, one for Republican and one for Democratic voting results show yellow where the overall winners (McCain and Clinton this time) came out on top, according to a report in WebProNews.

Blue on the Democratic map represented where close runner-up Barack Obama won the majority and on the Republican map red represented Mitt Romney’s contention where blue, stood for Mike Huckabee who also fared well in NH.

Google’s Brittany Bohnet wrote a blog that explained the reasons for creating these maps, stating “A few days ago, we announced that Google Maps would be presenting real-time U.S. presidential nominations results for the Iowa caucuses. The map was so popular that we’ve decided to do it again, this time for the 2008 primary in New Hampshire.”

The presence of the map, with its unbiased approach to updating users on the events of the 2008 campaign is refreshing and there is no need to advertise the company’s products as they advertise themselves in this case. Wouldn’t it be great if all marketing was so easy?



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