EU Rallies For Single Market For Online Services


spying21.jpgThe EU announced yesterday that it will be making a proposal in the middle of the year to create a single European market in the divisions of online music, films and games. A large focus of the initiative is illegal downloads. The commission has said that this greatly discourages content providers from making products available, reports Globe and Mail.

Viviane Reding, EU Telecoms Commissioner said in a statement that “Europe’s content sector is suffering under its regulatory fragmentation, under its lack of clear, consumer-friendly rules for accessing copyright-protected online content and serious disagreements between stakeholders about fundamental issues such as levies and private copying.”

EICTA, a European technology industry association, questioned if the EU not going directly to legislation is the correct tactic. EICTA director General Mark MacGann said to Reuters “It means you are not going to see any really meaningful changes for consumers for at least a couple of years. It may be too little, too late.”

The EU market for online content is anticipated to increase from 1.8 billion euros in 2005, to 8.3 billion in 2010 the report continues. The areas which will be addressed include multi-territory copyright licenses, piracy of content, interoperability of DRMs and illegal downloads.


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