Clearwire Teams Up With Google


grouphug1.jpgClearwire Corp., a wireless broadband company announced today that it is teaming up with Google to deliver the company’s popular GoogleApps communication suite to Clearwire users.

Customers of Clearwire will be redirected to Gmail and Google Calendar within the first six months of the year. On top of this, Clearwire users will have access to Google Talk.

Scott Richardson, Clearwire’s CSO said in the release “Clearwire is excited to launch our relationship with Google to further our commitment to deliver all the Internet has to offer to a person rather than a place. Both companies are built on the foundation of providing a simple to use, rich and open Internet experience and we believe the addition of these communications tools will be a tremendous benefit to Clearwire’s customers.”

The company will also use AdSense for Search for future Clearwire portal applications.


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