China Regulates Online Video


chinaflag.jpgIt is now being widely reported that recent new rules in China are restricting the broadcast of online videos to state-run sites. The privately owned Chinese video-streaming site population is growing and this could prove to be detrimental to their operations.

The new regulations decree that online videos can only be streamed or broadcast by state-owned/state-controlled companies according to Sites that have online-content licenses in China are supposed to censor sites themselves before any complaints are filed by propaganda officials. Many video sites say that there is biggest problem is not propaganda, but pornography the report continues.

Besides figuring out exactly how to enforce these new regulations in the domestic market, there is also the question of the foreign market such as YouTube, which is popular in China. A spokesman for YouTube said to, “We believe that the Chinese government fully recognizes the enormous value of online video, and will not enforce regulations in a way that could deprive the Chinese people of its benefits and potential for business and economic development, education and culture, communication and entertainment.”

Also a concern is the threat online videos have to the control of the Communist Party over information said the report. The regulations say “Those who provide Internet video services should insist on serving the people, serve socialism…and abide by the moral code of socialism.”


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