Campaigner’s Luc Vezina Boosts The Message Of Email Marketing


Adotas: Who would you say your competitors are?

L.V.: Exact Target, Email Labs, and Constant Contact to name a few.
Adotas: What expansions or additions are being developed at Campaigner that will truly innovate the space?

L.V.: Marketers are on board with the idea of better targeting email campaigns, that is the right message to the right person, and many have implemented this approach. The next thing in email marketing is getting the message delivered at exactly the right time. People forget quickly and so you’ve got to get the message to them when it counts. That’s not going to be when it’s convenient for you to send them an email, it’ll be just after they’ve been on your website, have downloaded a whitepaper or one hour after having called your customer support department.  This January, we are releasing a module called Workflows that lets our customer program trigger-based campaigns using a graphical design tool. This is going to make it possible to treat each contact in the database as an individual. This is called mass personalization and that is where we are headed with online marketing technologies.

Adotas: At the end of the day, what imprint do you feel Campaigner has made and will make on the market?
L.V.: We have thousands of customers that depend on our service to keep in contact with their customers, many started with small lists that have grown. We’ve helped them not only with the technology but with the expertise and best practices to increase the performance and sophistication of their programs. As we go forward we will continue to help marketers improve their tactics to be able to better serve their customers.

Adotas: What challenges have you seen as a company in growing and promoting your services?

L.V.: All the typical problems growing companies have: not enough leads then too many leads, people using your product in unexpected ways, selling to the wrong kind of customer, etc.
Adotas: What would you like to say to the industry professionals reading this article about email marketing?

L.V.: Email marketing ROI is unbeatable. It works for B2B and B2C. If you are not doing it, you should be because your competition is probably doing it. What we provide is software targeted at professional marketers that makes it easy to manage your contact list and email campaigns. That can range from a very simple monthly newsletter to a complex automated series of triggered based emails. There are a couple other important aspects to what we do and those are i) making sure your email gets delivered to the inbox and doesn’t get caught up in a SPAM filter and ii) providing our customers with support, advice, best practices and guidance regarding legislation such as the CAN-SPAM Act. We also have a professional services team that can help with services when your internal resources are tapped out.


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