Burst Media Creates Vertical For Mommies


childhand.jpgProvider of advertising representation, technology and services to independent Web publishers, Burst Media announced today the introduction of the Burst Media Moms Network. The network is made up of 150 sites with content that is targeted to moms. This vertical network will be helpful for those wanting to sell mom-minded products.

The Burst Moms Network delivers over 197 million impressions a month, and offers all standard IAB units plus rich media placements, interstitials, in-banner videos, and custom sponsorships and programs.

Jarvis Coffin, CEO of Burst Media stated in the release that, “The Definition of an ad network has been transformed in 2007, with the focus now on audience. Burst has always focused on specialty content and the audiences it draws. This focus makes us uniquely qualified to develop and offer high profile audience-focused networks to serve brand advertisers’ media plans. Our vertical content channels demonstrate Burst’s longstanding relationship with the online publishing community. Those relationships give us a lead in creating new ways to match audiences with advertisers to the publishers benefit.”  


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