Yahoo Exec Jumps Ship To Google


leaps1.jpgJust when Yahoo thought it was done with the tumultuous year of 2007, Chief Performance Yahoo! Steve Souders has announced that as of Jan. 7th he will be working for rival Google. The implications of Steve’s and many executives’ departures are lofty considering the position Yahoo once held in the industry and the decline in demand and performance in the past few years. 

“Is Yahoo going to zero?” asks The Silicon Alley Insider. There is overwhelming evidence that would indicate so. SAI also predicts that should Yahoo officially go under, it will be considered “the 12-year-old Internet industry’s biggest disaster story.” Although it is not quite time to chalk it up to being a very sad online folklore story, Yahoo needs to have a stellar year and surprise everyone in order to prevent the predictions from becoming a reality.

Steve Souders worked as the Chief Performance Yahoo! where he developed a set of best practices for making web sites faster, according to his bio. He is also the creator of YSlow, the performance analysis extension to Firebug. Before Yahoo, Steve worked for many small and mid-sized startups including two companies he co-founded, CoolSync and Helix Systems. He has also worked at General Magic, Lycos and WhoWhere?.


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