Yahoo And eBay Take On Japan


japan1.jpgYahoo Japan and eBay Inc are teaming up to bring ease to cross-border bidding for Japanese users. This may also create an influx of online spending in other countries should there be a translated and easy pay conversion system.

Masato Araki, analyst at Mitsubishi UFJ Securities is not so sure that this will be an effect of such a deal. He was quoted by Reuters to say “When you take into consideration shipping and transaction fees, participation may be limited. For Yahoo Japan, the move is unlikely to have a large impact on earnings.”

The companies have a combined total of about $36 billion in annual successful bids, and will launch a Japanese-language site that allows users on Yahoo Japan to bid for eBay items. The site launched today and is titled Sekaimon or “Getaway to the World.”

To date, eBay’s international operations account for 51% of business. Yahoo Japan joins the planned partnerships that will strengthen eBay’s Asian presence. Others include Tom Online (China) and Sanook (Thailand).



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