Taiwan’s Online Ad Revenue Blooms


money_tree_small.jpgTaiwan’s online advertising providers are estimated to generate revenues of NT$4.950 billion (US$153 million) this year. The projections for 2008 by the Internet Advertising and Media Association of Taipei show revenues of NT$5.986 billion.

IAMA estimated last year that 2007 revenues would total NT$3.146 billion for website ads and NT$1.750 billion for keyword search according to a report in DigiTimes Systems. IAMA also included the total revenues from site ad services, web portals will count for 77.28% in ’07 and 76.63% in ’08.

More and more large enterprises have been using other forms of advertising to promote keyword search. Just as in the U.S., the IAMA points out that the decrease in newspaper reach will shift more and more of newspaper ads to online ad spend.


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