Strike Two For Facebook With Text Message Suit


facebook_small.jpgFacing the heat again, Facebook, in an effort to avoid a lawsuit, is adopting new measures to that will prevent its current 58 million members from sending text messages to recycled cell phone number, according to the Associated Press.

The settlement was announced yesterday by attorneys for a woman in Indiana who made the claim that the social network had been making a profit from text messages sent by members after the recipients had given up the phone numbers reports the AP.

Lindsey Abrams, said she received text messages with explicit comments and other types of upsetting content, which she had to pay ten cents apiece for.  Facebook then received a share of the fee, said the allegations.

Abrams started receiving these txt messages after she got a new mobile number from Verizon in November of 2006. She claims that thousands of other text messages were sent to recycled numbers throughout the country, including some used by children.

The company settled the issue in court papers filed in San Jose federal court. This case focused on the issues that could potentially arise when a site extends its services to mobile phone that have numbers that have been reassigned. This is not only a back step for Facebook but also for mobile marketing.

With the rapid growth of the social network darling, the company has to be more conscientious of potential issues such as this. Within the past eight months Facebook has increased by almost 40 million users.


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