Shareholders Give The Thumbs Up To Murdoch


rupert12.jpgYesterday, shareholders of Dow Jones & Company finally gave the “okay” for Rupert Murdoch and News Corporation to takeover the company.

After the announcement Murdoch went to the offices of The Wall Street Journal to assure employees that the intention of the new owner is to make the publication better and more competitive. He was quoted in The New York Times to state that he understood “the very high bar you’ve set for yourselves,” adding “If anything, you’ll find we set a higher bar.”

Murdoch has been waiting for this day for months, assuring shareholders and the Bancroft family, who owned the company for 105 years that the journalistic integrity would not be compromised should he be allowed to acquire Dow Jones& Co. Many precautionary measures were included in the deal to help Murdoch keep his word. Now that the final hurdle is passed, it will be curious to see how well he keeps his word and what truly lies in the fate of The Journal.


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