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videotape.jpgWhat are video sites getting for CPMs? On the high end are niche sites for business leaders from and the Wall Street Journal Digital Network, selling video ads for $90 CPM on their video pre-rolls.

On the other end are video ads on sites that focus on user generated content, with sites like asking for $10 CPM – $35 CPM, depending on placement. The rate card for pre-roll and home page sponsored video units is $35. The rate card for overlay ads is $20, and a static companion ad runs from $10 to $20.

MySpace is asking for $25 CPM on their video pre-rolls with a 300×250 pixel ad unit. Web video ads offered are pre-roll, mid-roll, 5 second pre-roll bumpers, banners and display ads.

YouTube requires a minimum of $50,000 spend within 90 days. On brand channels, advertisers must spend $250,000 across Google and YouTube, including $100,000 or more on YouTube only. A YouTube home page roadlock is a $100,000 per day flat fee plus a $100,000 incremental spend on Google and YouTube within 90 days. Companies wanting to advertise on YouTube for less can sign up for Google AdWords for as little as a $1 CPM. YouTube has an ad guide.

This site WebVideoReport has done a study that shows the range of pricing for different sites.
Viral marketing campaigns multiplying

Viral marketing campaigns are multiplying since advertisers are finding alternative ways to reach distracted consumers more and more used to new technologies liked TiVo, DVRs, and iPods. Traditional types of advertising like commercials are perceived as passive and intrusive, and consumers decide to come to video websites, visiting contents when they want, and staying as long or as briefly as they want.

”The Internet has turned people into active seekers, active diggers,” said Philips Electronics North America, which has sponsored viral campaigns like

This site and others, like The Harry intended to promote Garnier products and developed by Avenue A/Razorfish, have become buzz factor.
Young amateur journalist will post video in the AP’s network

MTV has recruited 51 young amateur journalists, one from each state, to cover the 2008 elections. Their reports will consist of blog entries, videos, photos, audio podcasts, and animation, and will appear on . Also, their video will be posted on the 1,800+ sites in the AP’s Online Video Network.

The MTV “Stream Team” will be geared up with laptops, video cameras and mobile phones. MTV is already working with MySpace/News Corp. on a series of televised and webcast dialogues with presidential candidates.
iPhone version is another way to navigate

CBNews is the latest site to add a specially designed version for the iPhone, the trendy gadget of the year. This iPhone version is better to navigate than the regular versions. Facebook, Google & others have already fired up customized version. launches new video player has unleashed a new video player, which uses Flash (hey, Microsoft, what happened with Silverlight?). The player screen is roomy, measuring 600 pixels wide. While a clip is playing, related links display along the bottom of the player. Amazingly, embeddable video clips and search are not still available. In terms of advertising, it appears the new player is following the same approach as MSN Video, which is one pre-roll for every three minutes of use.
A widget to watch live television

LabPixies has developed a cool widget that allows you to watch an array of TV stations on your home page. LabPixies TV has hundreds of TV stations, many submitted by users. To use it, simply browse through the TV stations selection and click any you want.

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