NBCU Moves Out Of iTunes


applenbc.jpgIt seems as though people are making good on their promises this year. Here in New York the city took a hit from the stage-hand strike, the writer’s strikes is giving it to the film and television industry and now, in an online media version, NBCU has officially pulled its content off of iTunes after being unable to come to an agreement over pricing.

The entertainment company removed its content over the weekend according to a report in The Silicon Valley Insider. For as large as the deal between the companies was, there does not seem to be a predictable threat to either NBCU or Apple. Seeing as how the original purpose of iTunes was to provide downloadable music at an affordable price and not necessarily to provides television or videos, this service will more than likely not flounder. The demands by NBCU to have the prices of its shows raised only made users look down at the company, who is running out of original content anyway due to the aforementioned strike. However, the ad-supported re-runs of popular shows are keeping NBC viewers and the company fed. Only time will tell if the couple will make-up or be broken up for good.


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