Microsoft Gets Accused Of Abuse


outlawsmall.jpgOslo-based Opera Software ASA, a web-browser maker has accused Microsoft of abusing its dominant position in online browsers. This is the first major new antitrust complaint against the company since the EU case in September.

The complaint detailed that Microsoft hurts other makers of browsers because its protocols used in Internet Explorer deviate from the standard protocols that dictate how sites work with browsers according to a report in The Wall Street Journal.

Explorer being distributed with Windows gives it a lead on the market that forces sites to be designed for Explorer’s specificities, and not the standards set for other browser, Opera complained.

Microsoft said in a statement that users have “complete freedom of choice” as far as installation of any particular browser. Internet Explorer “supports a wide range of Web standards,” WSJ rote from the statement.

A spokesman for Neelie Kroes, European antitrust chief who has had a particularly busy year in the media said the complaint would be studied “carefully, particularly in the light of the case law” that was ruled on by the court.


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