Hungry Google Looks For New Ad Partners


eating.jpgIt is being reported that Google, the behemoth that is swallowing digital media one company at a time, is looking to do business with more advertising partners other than its awaited new toy DoubleClick. An executive was quoted to say that the company is planning on moving to a single system for ad selling across media and this venture could take up to five years.

Google’s president of advertising and commerce in North America, Tim Armstrong told Reuters that the testing in ad sales for radio, print and television showed that marketers were enthusiastic about a single system that would make management of inventories easier.

“We’re intent on bringing more and more scale to the digital dashboard space,” said Armstrong at a UBS media conference. “There’s a high level of interest and a high level of work that needs to be done. We’re very very early stage on connecting those businesses.”

Armstrong continued that there was room to grow beyond the capabilities of DoubleClick stating “Outside of that deal, there are also other opportunities for us to work in that space with other companies. We’re exploring the ability to basically work with multiple companies in that space.” He also elucidated that the impending purchase serves as a bridge between publishers and advertisers that buy commercial space.

He was quoted to say in Reuters “DoubleClick is one piece of it. We think the deal should close. We think our competitors have been able to close their deals.” Currently Google shares have risen 0.7% to $686.13.


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