Here Comes Another Bubble – A Video You Must Watch


The ongoing discussion on whether the Internet industry is in another circa 2000 bubble has been ongoing since last May as acquisitionA�fever and valuations skyrocketed to unseen levels. The pilgrimage to Silicon Valley to start another Web2.0 company, raise millions from hungry VCs and then get started toA�undoubtably revolutionize the world and make trillions of dollars has clearly met its peak.

Whenever a whole industry finds itself being mocked on YouTube at the obsurdity of it all you know you’re nearing the unpredictable pop. The folks in the trenches are speaking out through the medium it mocks. It’s no longer a question of if there’s a pop, it is more a question of when and how big.A�Maybe things really have changed, but we’ve all heard that before, right?

Be careful out there, and most of all… bring value.

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