Geffen Gets More Play From Online Games


musicnote1.jpgToday MochiAds, a large online games ad network, announced the results from a recent brand campaign with Geffen Records that promotes awareness of artist NLT. The company decided to test a new type of campaign to reach the over 270 million users playing online games globally. The 30-day campaign delivered a 10X higher click through rate for Geffen compared to their traditional CPM initiatives.

MochiAds network ran the campaign that was intended to target young female users through online games. The campaign featured pre-game and inter-level ads in exclusive placements. The success was not only measured by click through rates, but also by the quality of traffic delivered to the NLT site. These numbers included click throughs to the Geffen distribution site, downloads of NLT IM icons, wallpapers and MySpace backgrounds by users. There was also an increase in subscriptions to the band’s newsletter and previews of the band’s songs and videos on its site and MySpace page.

Daniel Cho, New Media Manager for Geffen Records stated “It (MochiAds) has provided us a new way to reach our audience through the medium of online games, and allowed NLT to engage and entertain a new segment of fans. As a result, the campaign delivered more than just awareness and exceeded our expectations with great metrics and exceptional conversions once consumers reached the NLT site.”

Tim Kelly, advertising spokesman at Mochi Media said “MochiAds reaches over 50 million unique users per month, enabling brand messages to resonate with often fickle and difficult to reach consumers.”



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