Click Fraud For Content Networks Reaches 28%


mouseclick1.jpgDuring the third quarter Click Forensics found that one out of four clicks on ads on content networks were fraudulent in its quarterly Click Fraud Index. Click Fraud as a whole increased by less than 1%, however on content networks fraud increased to 28.1%. This is a 10 point growth since this time last year reports MediaPost.

The report found that the dip in quality traffic on these networks promotes reticence in advertisers. However many marketers did not find a need for alarm. Search Engine consultant for Hanapin Marketing John Lee told MediaPost “Yes, there is click fraud, but there are also tools to combat it. The content networks can be powerful tools for driving traffic, conversions and sales, so it would be silly not to use them.”

Another Hanapin consultant Amber Benedict said in the report that the best way to fight click fraud is to closely track ad performance. “The networks are so broad and so many people are exposed to your ads that you can’t just use keywords and let them run,” she said to MP. Lee did lend insight to the fact that once advertisers open themselves up to content sites outside of the U.S., they are susceptible to I higher possibility of click fraud.

CEO of Click Forensics Tom Cuthbert did say to MP that bigger engines still do not do enough to improve traffic quality. He told MP “There has been some degree of improvement in the reports that they offer, but the system is still a long way from where it needs to be for advertisers to exclude these sites.”


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