Yahoo To Trump Google In The Mobile Race


running1.jpgTo stay ahead of the competition, Yahoo’s mobile chief Marco Boerries is working overtime to secure distribution deals to deliver hundreds of millions of ad customers before Google monopolizes that market as well.

Boerries told Reuters in an interview that what will make the mobile ad market grow in the same way that the online ad market is growing is a three-way partnership with network operators, device makers and web services.

The company is focused on advertising deals as opposed to the technology itself. The money lies in the mobile ad market. Boerries continued “The race is going to be who builds the biggest arsenal of partners and numbers of page views.”

Of course investors are obsessed towards Google the Giant, since the company seems to never lose its appetite for all parts of the online industry. However, this may be one of the areas that brings Yahoo back to the frontlines with a stronger presence than it has had in the past seven to ten years.

Yahoo already has signed deals to offer packaged services such as email, search and mapping on phones by companies such as Motorola, Nokia, Samsung, LG and HTC.

Some of their carrier partners include Vodafone and Telefonica in Spain. With other deals including companies in Southeast Asia and India, Yahoo is spanning the globe in their mobile dealings, looking to be the leader in one of the burgeoning markets.

Boerries said of Google’s monetization challenges, “Whatever money Google is going to make on advertising it is likely to pay in subsidies to the carriers.” He did add however, “If ‘Android’ (Google’s first phone model) is truly open source, we can take everything out there. Nothing prevents me from taking it,” he finished in his Reuters interview.


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