The Power of Online Classified Advertising


Many marketing professionals are used to significant marketing campaigns. From full page ads to online micro-sties, integrated marketing approaches can burn through your budget very quickly. With advances in online marketing, effective campaigns don’t have to break the bank. In fact, you can accomplish many of your sales and marketing objectives for pennies on the dollar.

 Online classified advertising is a great way to promote your product or service – virtually for free. With popular online classified websites like Craigslist and USfreeads this type of advertising is very low cost. Even large sites like Yahoo now offer their very own version of online classified ads. I recently came across second tier sites that offer the same service as Craigslist without the limitation of advertising for a specific city only or ads that expire after seven days.

With the expansion of internet classifieds, more and more consumers are finding what they need quickly and easily online. You can become a part of the online advertising opportunity simply by visiting one of these online classifieds websites and registering. After completing a short registration form you will be asked to post your ad. Some boards allow you to include a complete description, contact information, and a product photo. When developing your classified ad, remember to:

– Include a basic description of your product. With a largely text-based environment, it’s important to highlight key features and a compelling differential for your product. Make sure to set your product/service apart from others in your description.

– Create an offer. Whether giving a coupon or a free download, an offer can move prospects to purchase. Consider a unique offer that will allow you to attract the success of your online ad.

– Make contact and ordering information obvious. Don’t bury your call to action or contact information at the bottom of your classified ad. Most individuals won’t page down to the bottom of your listing. Be sure that this information appears at both the top and bottom of our ad. 

– Post your classified ad to multiple boards. You may get very different response rates from the same ad placed on different classified ad websites. As a result, you should post your advertisement to a variety of sites to determine which site generates the best return.

– Split Test. Very different ads and offers can receive different results. Consider uploading multiple ad versions in order to validate your top performing ad.

– Manage expectations. Classified ads aren’t notorious for generating a large return. Where classified advertising comes into play is with scale. If you can generate a profit using classified advertising, then you want to replicate the model across multiple job boards. Doing so will maximize returns. The thing to keep in mind is that a single classified ad isn’t going to generate tens of thousands of dollars in revenue.

As with any marketing initiative, online advertising requires experimentation, creativity, and tracking. Start small with just a few ads using the free and low cost classified advertising websites available online. These sites, including Craigslist are very cost effective and most marketing you do will either break even or generate revenue for your business. Compliments of Michael Fleischner, PromotionWorld


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