The Bango Button Puts Pix On Your Mobile


mobilemarketing3.jpgToday, Bango launched their “Get On My Mobile” Bango Button which creates further integration of the digital media spaces. The button allows users on social media sites to make their content available for mobile phone globally by installing a button next to their content.

The button is best for site such as MySpace, Flickr and YouTube that have an abundance of user-generated content and a consistently growing fan base of that content. Now users can push their content such as music files and photos onto their mobile phones with a simple to install button for anyone.

The button links to a picture, for example that is stored on the site and automatically resizes the data for different types of handsets downloading the image. This eliminates the need for a mobile site or to reconfigure the data yourself, making it mobile ready.

“Bango Buttons on our site at make it easy for our fans to get wallpapers and ringtones onto their mobile. They’ll even be able to get a map of where we’ll be playing, making it easy to find the venue,” remarked Claudio Tinnirello, of the band Moonlife.

Research from the Yankee Group showed that 33% of online users regularly access social network sites. Jill Aldort, Yankee Group senior analyst said “An increasing number of consumers want anytime, anywhere access to their online communities and the content that lives there. Unfortunately, sharing that content across platforms is far from seamless. The recent buzz around open platforms is just that – still buzz for now.”

The button is installed by pasting a few lines of code into the site next to the content to be shared. When a users clicks on the button, they get a short URL which they can put into their phone to download the content. This technology can be used on free or pay-for-download data.

“We are looking to help drive traffic onto mobile sites. The Bango Button gives the large mobile user audience the ability to easily access features they normally could only access on a PC,” said Andrew Bovingdon, VP of Product Marketing for Bango.

The Button can also easily be embedded into emails and sent to friends. This button is a simple solution with the potential to have a lot of power. The birth of the Bango Button is another option in the growing world of mobile advertising.


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