MySpace And Bebo Join The Good Fight


grouphug.jpgOpenSocial, the alliance to create a set of standards for software development being made for social networks gained two more allies on Thursday. MySpace and Bebo, two of the largest social networks globally have joined Google’s team to promote common practices for these applications.

The pressure is on now for Facebook, the original open-to-developers social network to join the alliance as well according to the New York Times. CEO of MySpace Chris DeWolfe stated in a press conference that “OpenSocial is going to become the de facto standard for developers right out of the gate. It will have access to 200 million users, making it way bigger than any other platform out there.”

Eric E. Schmidt, CEO of Google was quoted in the NY Times to say “The most important principle about openness is that everyone is invited to join.” This was in reference to the invitation given to Facebook to join the newly organized team. An alliance of this size, the report continues, will be a powerful tool for exposure for software developers and will inevitably promote online application innovation.

This new partnership between these companies will help bring new life to several social networks that have been hitting a ceiling in their popularity and application abilities.

There is still speculation about the standards that OpenSocial may implement and the actual compatibility on each of the partner sites, but for now it seems as though the innovations will leave a positive imprint on the social networking market.


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