JS-Kit Helps Publishers Up The Integrity


successful.jpgIn the fast paced world of online media, there is growing concern over privacy, and integrity. When ads are placed next to questionable content which has not been approved by the advertiser, it creates a loss of integrity both for the site and the brand. User-generated content is the dice-roll factor that can potentially create this kind of situation, and a common place that most Internet users participate in this interactive past-time is when commenting on a site page.

Enter JS-Kit. JS-Kit is a company that recently announced refinements to their Comments service. Along with their easy to install, easy to read ratings widgets, Comments Plus, makes it easier for a site to regulate what comments are being shown without having to sift through each one.

By installing only two lines of HTML, any of the JS-Kit services can be installed on a site. It is easy…and it’s free. All components are fully customizable using CSS and Templates as well. Khris Loux, CEO of JS-Kit said the importance of the comments and ratings widgets came down to simple logistics, “Publishers have one chance to gain the attention of a user. Ratings and the comments filter does the work for you. They aid both the user and the site. They give honest feedback from real people, without any derogatory or scathing reviews damaging a site’s integrity.”

Automatic SPAM protection reduces management overhead. Not only does the suite give a publisher the ability to mark as SPAM like most services, it improves on that model by giving the site administration the ability to block a commenter’s session, a commenter’s IP address or disable new comments for a post or domain. There is even the capability to allow a comment to be seen by the poster and no one else visiting the site. This is a first-of-its-kind innovation.

Now supporting over 8,500 sites and serving over 4 million page views daily at a rate of 125+ hits per second, JS-Kit is a rapidly growing company creating accessible solutions to improve the quality of sites for all sizes of publishers. When asked what the biggest challenges have been for the company, Loux answered “As easy as it is, making it easier is the biggest challenge. We want anyone and everyone to be able to use our services with total ease.”


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